Keep up to Speed – Get Connected

Can you work from home? Can your children do their homework online? What about sending photos via email? If your internet connection struggles or doesn't allow some of these routine activities, we need you tojoin our campaign to secure faster Broadband for rural areas of Devon.

According to Ofcom only 17% of Devon, with two major cities, can currently access superfast broadband.

By 2015, the Connecting Devon and Somerset Broadband Programme aims to deliver faster Broadband for all its residents, businesses and communities – with 85% enjoying Superfast Broadband and then Superfast for everyone by 2020. We have £53 million of public sector funding to ensure Broadband reaches our rural populations – but we still need an investment of £50 million from Broadband suppliers.The best way to achieve this is to evidence that we have a real demand for Broadband and are prepared to pay for a better service.

That's where "Keep up to Speed" comes in. Launched on 6 February, this campaign is asking people to register their current Broadband speed and what kind of activity they go online for, as well as how current speeds limit them and what better connectivity might mean. Responses to the survey will be used to persuade private Broadband companies to invest in our area.

Superfast Broadband is a modern utility not a luxury. If you want faster internet connections, make sure you sign up to support the project!

You can register online any time on our website you can call our dedicated hotline until mid-March on 0844 463 6887. To get involved and register for updates,