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The Roll of Honour
in Winkleigh Church


      The Roll of Honour resides in Winkleigh Church and records those who participated in the First World War.  However, the Roll of Honour does not describe the part played by these people.  It was the intention of Rev. Nesbitt that the full details of those who fell should be made available for all to see and remember, and this has been done for the Memorial Cross pages of this site.  It is felt that it would be appropriate to also include these other participants, who are listed below.

      The original list was compiled by Colonel Alexander, who did an admirable job at the time.  However, as with the Memorial Cross, recent research has shown that some names seem to have been omitted from those who returned from the war.  These are A. E. Born (6th Battalion. Devonshire Regt), A. Brealey (Royal Field Artillery), F. Norman (6th Battalion. Devonshire Regt), G. Ottley (H.M.S. Hanibal) and C H Stephens MM (Royal Army Medical Corps) who have been included in the list on these pages.  Richard Mitchell, who died in 1919 and is listed in the Roll of Honour, has also been added at the end of the Roll of Honour where those who died were listed.

Click on any name and you will see the information that has been found.  More than half of those listed have as much information as has been found to date, including some with complete service records, and the rest show the current progress of research.

Alexander G.D'A Staff Knight W Devonshire Regt.
Baker L.W Royal Army Service Corps Lane J.T Glamorgan Yeomanry
Baker R Royal Defence Corps Lendon S Royal Warwickshire Regt.
Baker W R Devonshire Regt. Letheren F Royal Army Service Corps
Baker W Royal Naval Air Service Letheren H Royal Army Medical Corps
Beardon H HMS “Ramillies” Longstone H.E Devonshire Regt.
Bell J Royal Marine Light Infantry Lugg F Military Mounted Police
Berry B HMS “Lupin” Lugg G Devonshire Regt.
Bissett W Royal Engineers Lugg T Rifle Brigade
Bond F Royal Horse Artillery Marcer W.K Royal Air Force
Born A.E Devonshire Regt. Miller C Imperial Camel Corps
Boundy H Devonshire Regt. Miller L Imperial Camel Corps
Brealey A Royal Field Artillery Mitchell A Royal Army Service Corps
Bremridge G AFC Royal Air Force Mitchell A.W Devonshire Regt.
Bremridge J HMS “Undaunted” Mitchell C Royal Engineers
Bryant W.N Somerset Light Infantry Mitchell F Royal Army Service Corps
Buckingham E Devonshire Regt. Mitchell F.A Royal Engineers
Cahill C.M Royal Army Veterinary Corps Mitchell H Devonshire Regt.
Clements S Devonshire Regt. Mitchell P Devonshire Regt.
Cowle E Devonshire Regt. Mitchell R Devonshire Regt.
Darch F Devonshire Regt. Mitchell R.G HMS “Warspite”
Darch W.R Royal Field Artillery Mitchell W Royal Engineers
Davey A Royal Army Service Corps Molland A Royal Engineers
Davey D Devonshire Regt. Molland H Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Davey G HMS “Marlborough” Molland U Devonshire Regt.
Davey R Royal Engineers Newcombe H Royal Garrison Artillery
Davey T Devonshire Regt. Norman F Devonshire Regt.
Davey W Royal Army Service Corps Ottley Revd D.B Army Chaplain
Demmery B.V London Regt. Ottley G HMS “Hannibal”
Denford J Royal Engineers Palmer A Devonshire Regt.
Dingley T.K Royal Engineers Palmer F Devonshire Regt.
Dulling F Royal Field Artillery Palmer H Royal Engineers
Dulling S Royal Field Artillery Palmer S Devonshire Regt.
Dunn W.E Machine Gun Corps Parker E Royal Field Artillery
Earle A.J Royal Army Service Corps Parker F Royal Field Artillery
Ellacott E Devonshire Regt. Parker H Devonshire Regt.
Ellacott J Devonshire Regt. Parker Sam. Devonshire Regt.
Everest A Somerset Light Infantry Pinn A Devonshire Regt.
Ford G Royal Field Artillery Reed G Royal Army Service Corps
Francis C.H Devonshire Regt. Robins G Coldstream Guards
Francis C.W HMS “Griffin” Saunders A.W HMS “Hope”
Gay E.W Royal Garrison Artillery Saunders F Royal Naval Air Service
Gay H.G HMS “Collingwood” Saunders G.H Royal Army Service Corps
Glover E (Miss) V.A.D Saunders T.E.J Royal Air Force
Glover W.E Royal Army Medical Corps Skinner S Royal Air Force
Heale J Machine Gun Corps Spiller C Devonshire Regt.
Heathman W Devonshire Regt. Stapleton A.H Devonshire Regt.
Holland W.R  DCM Devonshire Regt. Stapleton C Royal Army Service Corps
Horn F Devonshire Regt. Stapleton R South Stafford Regt.
Horner F Royal Field Artillery Stephens C H  MM Royal Army Medical Corps
Hutchings F Devonshire Regt. Stevens H Devonshire Regt.
Isaac E.H Royal Naval Air Service Tipper A Royal Engineers
Isaac O Machine Gun Corps Tipper D Devonshire Regt.
Jarvis R Devonshire Regt. Ware A Devonshire Regt.
Johnson E (Miss) V.A.D Ware C Devonshire Regt.
Johnson R.K Devonshire Regt. Ware E Devonshire Regt.
Jones A Royal Field Artillery Ware W Devonshire Regt.
Knight A Rifle Brigade Western E North Devon Yeomanry
Knight J Life Guards Wright HRoyal Navy


Beardon Percy Davey Louis Johnson Lawrence Parker Sidney
Berry William Harris Thomas Knight Thomas Stapleton Albert
Buzzacott Albert Hammett Ernest Lugg Herbert Turner Frank
Cole George Harvey Alfred Wallace Manley Ernest George Vanstone William Charles
Darch Charles Heard Walter Medlock John Mitchell Richard
Davey Frederick William Horner Arthur Harry Mitchell William  
Davey Frederick W Jarvis Edward Molland Percy